Cthulhu meets Scooby Doo....

Honestly, admit it...you've considered it before.  What would it be like to mix the 'Scooby-Doo Mythos' and the 'Cthulhu Mythos'.  Well, so did we.  And seeing as how we're rabid  MYTHOS ™ CCG players and obsessed with our favorite cult cartoon Scooby Doo, we figured what the hell,  why not just create the ultimate MYTHOS ™ expansion set.  And thus, this beast was born.

This project was greatly influenced by the work of Erik Foisy and John Burridge on their WH Pugmire set (which sadly doesn't seem to exist on the web anymore).  They did a wonderful job and we thought adding to the MYTHOS™ CCG in this way, with themed proxy cards, was a wonderful idea. 

In creating this set, we looked to Chaosium for their blessing (and permission!) to use backwards engineered card backgrounds from the Limited Edition set. I then sought assistance from my friend and fellow MYTHOS™ CCG missionary, Philip Robinson (of Lair of the Mythos Haiku).  I provided the card backgrounds, screen captures and cards ideas, he provided game mechanics and more card ideas. We now have a total of over 150 cards in three different sets which combine the best elements from the various seasons of Scooby-Doo.  Wtih the addition of the long delayed (two years!) third set, we close out our Scooby Doo Expansion. But don't worry, more single cards that didn't fit well in the previous sets will be displayed here in the future as bonuses

We'd like to thank Charlie Krank, Chaosium's CEO (cultist enrollment officer?) and lead designer on the MYTHOS™ CCG, for a great card game and also Dustin Wright, Chaosium web master, for his enthusiasm for the Scooby expansion cards.


And thus, we proudly present...

the Scooby-Doo Mythos CCG Expansion Set Series # 1, #2 and finally #3:

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Jeepers, let's check out Set One...
46 cards total.
Zoinks, like those Set Two cards are pretty nifty...
49 cards total.
Hey Gang, Set Three is finally here!
57 cards total.

Jinkies, let's look at the Adventures...
Will you check these extra cards out for a scooby snack?

Corey Whitworth & Philip Robinson
A collection of information and mail about the expansion set
A collection links to other websites dealing with Scooby or the Mythos CCG
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The card backgrounds were taken from the Limited Edition set of MYTHOS ™ with permission granted by Chaosium Inc..  The Scooby-Doo screen captures were done by Corey, courtesy of broadcasts of the cartoon on various broadcast and cable networks.
We strive to put out the highest quality spoof.  However, we cannot  produce these cards for profit. Not only would that be a violation of Chaosium's copyright on the cards, but also a violation against Hanna Barbera's trademarks. We will not produce these cards for distrubution and Chaosium Inc. has no plans to make this an official expansion whatsoever.
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